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Submitted on
December 20, 2007
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-Cleanse Yourself-

Look at yourself
Look at all you have been through
You have been through so much...
You have caused alot...

You're not alone you know that right?
You never were alone...
So what has it in your head that you felt that way?
Look all around you, you see those smiling faces?
Yeah them over there

Those are your friends
Those are our friends
Me and you?
Yeah we are the same

You just have such low confidence in yourself
Heh, you can do so much more than you think you can
You just let yourself...fall?
Seems to me you have a fear of success...
It can be hard, it can be tough

Look at all those wounds you have
Let's cleanse them
Heal them, make them better
Your friends, they will always take you in
They will always be there for you

They love you
They care for you
They need you, just as much as you need them
Can't you see what you did to yourself?

You isolated yourself from everything
Your friends...they miss you man
Why don't you just go in and give them a hug?
I'm sure they would be very happy to see you again

All this time, I hear how they miss you
"Where is he?, why is silent?"
It's time to get out of that shell
Reform yourself
You got a whole new path set forward now ahead of you
It's time for a new journey
Don't you agree?

Yeah, I'd think so
Just remember, you are never alone
You will always have people who love and care for you
You can do so much more than you let yourself
You are capable of doing such great things
I think it's time you figure it out what it is

Sure, we will take slow steps
It will be hard, but you know what?
That's okay
Because you're back now
You're here to stay right?

Go see your friends...
They are waiting...for you...
heh...talking to myself? innerself?
Confusing? Maybe...
Make what you want out of it..
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very emotional and sweet, i know the feeling
You're kinda pushing it. o.O;

But it's a good poem nonetheless...
Thank you! :Hug: ^_^
noodlekneader Dec 20, 2007   Writer
*hugs* I like it. It's very emotional, but not in a sappy way. It's just...honest. And very good. Wonderfully written, and, as always, from a wonderful person...once again, awesome job!
noodlekneader Dec 20, 2007   Writer
*nods* Of course!!
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